Happy Pants mascot dog

Let’s face it, Manhattan can be hard at times on our beloved dogs. Dogs are meant to have a lot of space to run and play, and need tons of attention. Such treatment not only leads to a healthier dog, it also leads to a happier, better behaved dog.

Unless you live at the Mayor’s Mansion (BTW… Happy Pants is proud to have been selected to provide care for the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC Animals!) and have 11 acres to frolic, have an abundance of free time, or a designated staff of dog-loving athletes at your disposal, you probably need to figure a way to make sure that your dog gets the daily love and exercise it needs and deserves. (AKA puts on its Happy Pants!)

What are Happy Pants?

Happy Pants are the natural highs a dog gets from being active and releasing energy.

We offer several options for your dog to put on its Happy Pants.

  • Running One of our athletes takes your dog for a great run along the water or in a park. Helps your dog stay fit and healthy.
  • Walking We take your dog outside to relieve itself, get some exercise, and have an adventure in the world’s best playground — New York City. Carefully supervised and never pack-walked.
  • Puppy Care We come to your home and see that your puppy gets the love and care it needs to develop into a happy, well-adjusted dog. Outdoor and Indoor play.
  • Pet Sitting A team member stays over in your home and makes sure that your dog has as good a time as you do while you are away.

Happy Pants is fully bonded and insured. We provide the most loving Dog Care professionals to help see that your dog lives the happiest, healthiest life possible. If you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at: 917.701.7964 or info@happypantsnyc.com.