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We ask that you please fill out the form to the right, or email us at info@happypantsnyc.com, or call 917.701.7964 so we can make sure that your dog gets placed in the appropriate program. Additionally, if you have any questions whatsoever, please let us know. We look forward to speaking with you.

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Jack, the dog, and family David and the Happy Pants team are absolutely fantastic. They are wonderful with our dog Jack and we love the daily notes describing his walks. David is also extremely flexible and always able to schedule an extra walk – even on weekends and holidays. It’s so reassuring knowing that Jack is in such trusted hands. We couldn’t recommend Happy Pants more highly!
Brady, the dog, and baby Jack I found out about Happy Pants when I was researching puppy care options when we got Brady, our yellow lab, last fall. I met David for coffee and was blown away by his professionalism and love of dogs. From that day on – Brady has been IN LOVE with every Happy Panter that walks or runs him. I’ve met most of the team that has cared for Brady in the past year, and not only are they phenomenal with Brady, but are just great people that I feel totally comfortable letting into our apartment. David and his team have been so flexible with last minute requests and most recently saved us by visiting Brady while I was in labor with our new baby, Jack. He was able to find a Happy Panter to come to our apartment at 8am on a Sunday – no questions asked. Happy Pants is a huge part of our daily lives – and I can’t say enough great things about David and his team. LAUREN H.